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Technical Resources


Wind Power

Wind Farm BOP

An excellent website by Francesco Miceli, a civil engineer, focusing on wind farm construction.  This website is a must-read for any project engineer involved in wind farm construction.  It discusses new solutions to existing problems, common (costly) mistakes made during wind farm construction and many other general aspects.

Exploiting SCADA System Data for Wind Turbine Performance Monitoring

Shane Butler, John Ringwood and Frank O’ConnorAn interesting paper on the use of a Gaussian Process for wind turbine powercurve monitoring.

Comparative analysis of neural network and regression based condition monitoring approaches for wind turbine fault detection

Meik Schlechtingen and Ilmar Ferreira Santos

Study on Effects of Supply Voltage Asymmetry and Distortion on Induction Machine

Prashanna Dev Bhattarai

A very detailed Thesis on the effects of voltage asymmetry on the operation of induction machines.  While not wind turbine specific, many wind turbines generators are based on induction machines and hence much of the information contained within this thesis is relevant to optimising the efficiency of wind farms.  Of particular interest are the sections discussing the correlation between voltage imbalance on torque and rotor heating.  These concepts are relevant for wind farms operating with significant voltage or current asymmetry or high harmonics.


General Data Mining Papers

Interesting collection of papers co-authored by Andrew Kusiak, with a variety of engineering applications