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SCADA Miner provides an automated data retrieval and analysis software service for wind farms. Ā We identify specific conditions requiring investigation among the vast amounts of normal operational data.

SCADA Miner’s service continuously examines asset performance, allowing engineering resources to remain focused on solving engineering problems.

Tests execute periodically. When a test is due, our service connects to the wind farm SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) historian and requests the required data. The data is analysed and an Exception Report is produced if the results of the analysis exceed alerting thresholds. The Exception Report isĀ emailed, along with the raw data if applicable. Ā The Exception report and data are also uploaded onto an online tracking and collaboration system.

Targeted Alerts

The person responsible for investigation of the identified issue will receive the Exception Report. A metering report goes to the compliance department, a mechanical issue generates an alert for the site wind turbine technicians etc.

Informative Reports

Exception Reports contain enough information for the user to decide the next course of action. The report explains why it triggered and containsĀ plots enabling quick visual recognition of a problem.Ā  Raw data isĀ attached to the email to save the recipient having to retrieve it.

No Customer Hardware

The SCADA Miner server exists on the web. Simply provide access to the wind farm historian. No hardware or software to purchase and no server to maintain.

Powerful Data Analysis

Move on from simple hardwired I/O alarm reporting and threshold-based analogue alarming. SCADA Miner performs powerful data analysis toĀ identify unseen problems.

SCADA Miner’s data analysis service is not a SCADA system – it is a software service which complements your existing wind farm SCADA systems through data mining


5-Minute Self-Forecasting

SCADA Miner has expanded its services to include renewable generatorĀ production forecasting.